Welcome to the API reference for the Splunk SDK for Python, which describes the modules that are included in the SDK. For more information, see the Splunk Developer Portal.


connect() function

namespace() function

Context class

ResponseReader class


handler() function

AuthenticationError class

Custom HTTP handler

HTTPError class

HttpLib class


connect() function

Service class

Endpoint base class

Entities and collections

Entity class

Collection class

ReadOnlyCollection class

Application class

AlertGroup class

ConfigurationFile class

Stanza class

Configurations class

Index class

Indexes class

Input class

Inputs class

Job class

Jobs class

KVStoreCollection class

KVStoreCollectionData class

KVStoreCollections class

Loggers class

Message class

ModularInputKind class

Role class

Roles class

SavedSearch class

SavedSearches class

Settings class

StoragePassword class

StoragePasswords class

User class

Users class


AmbiguousReferenceException class

IllegalOperationException class

IncomparableException class

InvalidNameException class

NoSuchCapability class

NotSupportedError class

OperationError class


load() function

record() function

Record class